Become An Exhibiting Artist Member

Exclusive to Residents of Monroe County

Since its inception in 1960 the Key West Art Center (KWAC) has been a nonprofit membership organization. In addition to the privilege of exhibiting and selling artwork in the gallery, members are expected to support the goals of the Art Center as a community art organization providing resources for artists of all ages through exhibits, classes, lectures, artist demonstrations and special events. Beyond paying dues, an important requirement of membership is an appreciation of the Art Center’s goals and participation in its activities.

Members Are Required:

  • Pay Annual Membership Dues
  • Perform 12 volunteer service hours
  • Adhere to all Gallery Rules


Next Opportunity Coming Fall 2019

Once a year the Key West Art Center holds its annual jury, where local artists have the opportunity to apply to become exhibiting artist members at Key West's oldest art gallery. If accepted the artist comes a part of the a tradition here in Keys reaching back to the Great Depression and the WPA artists who help save Key West when it was one of the poorest regions in the entire country. 

Gallery Rules (pdf)