Exhibiting Artists

Annmarie Anderson

often paints the sparkling waters, tropical vegetation, “conch” architecture and nautical life she encounters every day. 

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Thomas Avery

is a shipwright, painter, and artisan. He creates scrimshaw swordfish bills and carves unique pieces from locally felled tropical trees.

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Karen Beauprie

discovered the beauty and uniqueness of Key West over twenty years ago. Her Airedale terrier, Toby, is often spotted in her paintings.  

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Mary Blackman

realistic work reflects years of diving, kayaking, and exploring the Keys. Exotic driftwood is fashioned into frames to compliment her work.

Linda Cabrera

 work is a combination of realism and folk art, showing the laid back and colorful island life in which she was raised. 

Marc Caren

is predominantly a self taught painter. Working outdoors with oil paint and a palette knife, he makes painting destination trips.   

Elizabeth Chamberlain

has made her home in Key West for more than 30 years. She finds her inspiration in everyday island life. 

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Mary Jean Connors

began painting after three decade as a journalist and newspaper executive. She captures light in dramatic compositions.

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Joan Cox

paintings are strongly influenced by where she is. The predominant influence in the Keys is color, painting plein air she embraces fun. 

Susann D'Antonio

is a three dimensional and encaustic artist. The luminous quality of her work is achieved by meticulously layering pigmented beeswax.   

Fran Decker

enjoys painting landscapes and whimsical scenes. Her vibrant acrylics capture the flavor of the Florida Keys, which she calls home.

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Martha dePoo

is a Key West native, a true conch. Her focus is capturing the fast disappearing flavor of old Key West and the neighboring Keys. 

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Elizabeth Devries

had never held a hammer until moving to Key West in 1980. In a dusty workshop she began creating dioramas from shutter blades.

Carrie Disrud

is a believer that the world can change for the better. Her work is soulful, sometimes mystical or cryptic, and always a bit of herself.

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Jane Gilbert

uses rich, sensual layers of lines, marks, and fields of color to create gestural, abstract images, based on the natural world.

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Pamela Gode

is an emerging artist whose works embody simplicity and color, whether creating dreamy pastels, vivid watercolors, or brilliant acrylics.

Jane Grannis

walks, bikes, and paddles around the island of Key West creating ceramic art influenced by what she sees every day. 

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Nancy Henning

was immediately inspired by the tropical beauty and colors of the Florida Keys. She has called Cudjoe Key her home since 2005.

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Pam Hobbs

came to Key West on vacation over 30 years ago and never left. Her works portray the boldness and  freedom she feels in the tropics.

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Suzanne Holt

 is inspired by the amazing scenery in the Keys. She utilizes fabric, textures, patterns, metal, and glass into her mixed media artwork 

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Georgina Hosek

is interested in both realistic and abstract art. Her work is based on years of travel, archaeology, and a deep love of the ocean.

Hugh Johnson

felt a magical sense of accomplishment as a child with his grandfather's oil paints. Living on a boat in the Keys continues to inspire him.

Deb Kik

worked at a medial illustrator and photographer in Michigan. Her 2011 Key West show was entitled Bitches: Dogs & Drag Queens.

David Klein

carves the printing plate in the traditional method of Rembrandt inking and printing each piece by hand.  

Helen Kordon

tries to capture the mood of the subtropics in her paintings of colorful conch cottages, landscapes, and playful beach scenes.  

Deborah Moore

uses colorful creative strokes to capture sun drenched scenes, lazy afternoons, and the charming personalities of favorite places.

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Donna Nadeau

is inspired by Key West architecture. It's steeped in history and character with its alleys, doorways, angles, and colors.

Kristen Norman

was introduced to street art by the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. Her work combines street and traditional gallery art.

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Lucy Paige


Maggie Ruley

creates a sense of delight. Her natural motifs and exuberant colors are a celebration of the lush and shimmering elements of the tropics.

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George Salhofer

believes that art has the fundamental cultural responsibility to positively heighten and enhance the awareness of the viewer. 

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Anne Schroeder

has spent her entire life in the Florida Keys. Growing up on these islands she taught herself to draw and paint the beauty around her.  

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Joanne Sloan

feels free to break the rules. With little formal training she creates bright lively acrylic paintings in her own imaginative style.

Neva Townsend

began working with oil paint sixty years ago, remaining self taught for three decades until she began to experiment with watercolors.

Gale Upmal

works in many mediums, living with a paintbrush in her hand. But, her love is watercolor batik on rice paper. 

R.M. Walter


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Mally Weaver

works show a spontaneous joy of painting. She was attracted to the Florida Keys by the stunning color and strong light. 

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Abigail White

grew up on the island of Key West; home schooled and one of nine children she was afforded plenty of free time to paint.  

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Dawn Wilkins

is a naturalist with an interest in and enthusiasm for the planet's flora and fauna.  Her work elegantly celebrates nature's magic.

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Gabrielle Wilson

loves to experiment whether that means throwing paint, getting messy or playing with layering colors. She loves happy mistakes.

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Kim Workman

feels strongly about conservation. The fish used in her Gyotaku works become, thanks to her culinary talents, delicious meals. 

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Dick Moody

longed to get back to his easel after 30 years in the commercial world. To this end he and his wife moved to Key West, never looking back.

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Carrie Andrews

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Margo Ellis

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Craig Gray

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Kristen Norman

Yolanda Maloney

Deborah Moore

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