Amanda Johnson Alla Prima Workshop

3 Day Workshop Indoors

March 4,5,6

Hours: 10:00 -4:00

Are you ready to be immersed in the world of color?  This workshop will explore the fundamentals of paint attributes and color mixing.  We will explore the opaque colors. vs. transparent,  warm vs. cool colors, the range of blues, and how to use black and white for maximum effect in your painting.  Learn how to simplify and organize your palette and how to avoid common color mistakes.  The objective of this class is to give the student a deeper understanding of color concepts to achieve maximum impact in their painting specifically by "translating" the value study, or under painting into its colored equal.  If you use photographs as references regularly, these concepts will help make your paintings come alive!

Each day will begin with a brief lecture on colors and a painting demo.  Afterwards, student will create their own alla prima (done in one sitting) painting based on a still life that will be set up in class.

By the end of the workshop, students will have completed three alla prima paintings and be well equipped to advance their color exploration independently.

This course is designed for oil painting, however, you may use acrylics if you prefer.  Some oil painting experience recommended.

Workshop fee is $300 for Non-Members and $275 for Art Center Associate and Artist Member.


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